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Our work to innovate through technology by digitalising sub-verticals in the real estate industry.


Enabling retailers with the tools to understand and engage customers while reducing carbon footprint.

gaiabun! provides a platform for retailers to engage customers through digital receipts. Dynamic information on the digital receipts fills the gap for retailers to engage with customers after sales through product information, return policies, care and maintenance, warranty, and even upsells. 

Digitalized receipts helps cut down on papers used, reducing our carbon footprint, and making the world a more sustainable environment. Thermal papers used for receipts today also produces BPA that is harmful to touch and builds up in the long run.

More products coming soon.

Our eagerness to help the property industry in Singapore reach new heights is a great motivator that constantly pushes us to explore and test new ideas that introduces better productivity, transparency and efficiency in real estate activities. 

We welcome any like-minded individuals or organisations to reach out to us for partnerships or just to share your great ideas.

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