5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your New F&B Location

Running a F&B business is not an easy task, starting out could be even more daunting. With rental cost in Singapore being one of the main contributors to the high start-up capital required to start a F&B business, choosing the right location plays a huge part in maximising your investment as a F&B owner.

The process of site selection for F&B involves some of the most critical decisions your brand will make. It can result in a strong strategic advantage that sets your F&B brand up for long term success. 

In this Part 1 article, we explore two key areas, Traffic and Space, when choosing a new location for your F&B business.

1. Visibility

Storefront, Upper or Lower Floor?

Store visibility is a primary factor that attracts customers to visit your outlet. Therefore it is important to choose a location that grants you the best visibility for the budget you have set out. There are a variety of factors that define the visibility of a store: level, escalator facing, nearby toilet, area tenant mix and more. The key is to physically study the locations and gather the right data.

2. General Accessibility

How do most people travel here? Are these people my potential customers?

Businesses situated near transport points naturally invite more foot traffic and are more visible. Malls and shops that are typically beside or very close to MRT stations or bus terminals enjoy greater foot traffic from different customer segments, especially during peak hours.

When considering a location, think about these questions

  • How many MRT and bus services are there within a 3 to 5-minute walk?
  • How many residents live within a 5 to 15-minute travel time with these public transport services that my business could potentially attract?
  • Is this location an interception between commuters and a common point of interest? (i.e. between MRT station and its nearest bus stop)
  • How many potential customers live within a comfortable walking distance and/or time?

3. Parking Availability and Accessibility

Can drivers find and access this place easily?

Drivers make up a considerable amount of traffic when it comes to accessibility. Locations that attract a high concentration of drivers are usually locations with reasonable parking rates, ample parking spaces, and easy to access parking areas. With these defining attributes, the location has greater potential to attract family groups and office lunch crowds.

4. Space Size

All aspects from dining area to kitchen.

Depending on the functions of your F&B operation, consider the space requirements in the kitchen as well as accommodating the service counter. Pick a few floor plans to study what type of kitchen space you need. Also, keep in mind how staff movement and daily operations affect space requirements of your outlet or restaurant. Apart from these areas, it is advisable to provide ample moving space within the dining area to ensure a pleasant experience for your customers.

5. Leases Are Negotiable

Aim for the best deal!

Many business owners are surprised that it is actually possible to negotiate with landlords on terms of the lease. While it may not be easy for most people who are not familiar with real estate, there are many aspects of the lease that you can negotiate on in your favour which landlords will accept.

And that marks the end of the first part of our site selection insights. Stay tuned for Part 2 for more information about site selection, focusing on analysis and location intelligence.

If you are thinking about, or in the midst of searching for a F&B space, it is best to engage a real estate professional who can represent your interests instead of working with the one appointed by the landlord to market the space. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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